Research & discovery is the process of getting to know you and your objectives. You may need a website, branding or simple design elements. You may not know exactly what you need or where to begin. We use the research & discovery process to establish what you need and develop a plan to deliver effectively, within your budget and timeline.

We work to understand your key messages and what media should be used to deliver those messages. Our strategy includes a plan for content creation — web, video, illustrations, copy, photos, social media and more.

With a unique approach and fresh perspective we can help you determine the best course of action for meeting your goals.


The identity of a brand is the foundation. Creating a strong identity begins with the logo, colour scheme and typography. All additional brand elements are supported by these pillars.

We provide brand guidelines which helps to ensure that no matter how your company operates, anyone can use your brand elements correctly. We create guidelines that provide the information you need to apply brand assets consistently, such as: logo specifications and usage, colors, font and typography, icons, and image usage and style.


With the advancement of technology print is often disregarded. However let’s no forget where we came from. Print can still be an asset to your brand and shouldn’t be overlooked. If you’ve ever been in a situation where a potential client asked for a business card and you couldn’t produce one or were embarrassed to because of the design you’ll know where we’re coming from.

We can provide stunning, ads, business cards, banners promotional material and more.

Need packaging? We’re guided by a relentless focus on how a product will look in the marketplace. Context, scale, and user interaction determine our approach. From there, we work to create something beautiful that showcases your product in its environment and stands out among the competition.


We have been designing and developing websites for over a decade. We excel in the conception and creation of web applications including the graphic theme, color scheme and general look and feel.

A website is in many cases your most valuable marketing tool. This is why we approach websites from a design and a business perspective.

We understand the user experience must remain be smooth and simple. Our focus on responsive design is pleasant and clean, creating an atmosphere of confidence and professionalism.


In most cases Application or UI/UX design should be simple and focused on the the user completing an action. Our skill in design and many years of web and front end development make us strong in this category.
We work with the best app developers to provide solutions that will create a seamless user experience.


It’s important to convey what your products or services offer with simplicity. We focus on the basics of: who, what, where, why and how to speak directly to your target audience.

We work with the most talented copywriters to create clear and concise messaging. Couple that with great design and you have the best possible presentation.